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In an effort to provide a chance for teams to play 3 games in a small window of time, Utah AAU has created a new format called the Super Saver Series.                                                

 - 4 team pools, all teams are guaranteed 3 games.

- Games begin on the hour.

- Play one, sit one, play one, sit one, play one and you’re done.

- High School officials and regulation courts.

- Sites will be available from Logan to St.George.

- Games in Green River/Rocks Springs/Pocatello/ID Falls as well.

- Days and times will vary by event.

- All event information will be posted at

If you want to play in the new Super Saver Tournament Series go to and sign up your team. Team information will then be put on a spread sheet for other teams and tournament directors to see.  Coaches, find 3 other teams in your grade/competition level and then call a tournament host.  Tournament Directors, use the team information to fill your tournaments. 

Tired of playing the same old teams? Here is your chance to get out of your area and challenge your team with different competition and spending only 6 hours doing it.  A Saturday in St. George in January doesn’t sound bad. 

Tournament Directors are working now on finding dates and facilities.  The dates and locations will be posted under the Super Saver icon on the web page.

A Super Saver event saves time, money and questions about who your team will compete against!

Sign up your team now!!                             

To find a list of other Utah AAU tournaments/leagues, go to