About Us

Our goal is to raise champions

"Sports For All, Forever" is more than just our motto - it's our vision.

It’s been the focus and drive of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) for more than 130 years. Raising champions both on and off the court, the AAU proudly hosts events for 750,000+ participants in over 35 sports across all 50 states.

A place for everyone

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is dedicated to the promotion and development of amateur sports and fitness programs.

It has long been a leader in representing the U.S. in international sports federations and has worked tirelessly to support and expand youth athletic participation in the United States. 

Offering youth athletes the chance to achieve their highest potential

10000 +

members across the U.S.

1000 +

members across Utah

Creating positive experiences that teach growth

Our whole program is based on having young people have a fun, positive experience that will make them better citizens and students.  Sportsmanship will always be a very important part of whatever we do. 

Our Utah AAU program is run by professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the sports industry, and our facilities are the best in the state. We aim to offer competition for every level of ability in order to create positive sportsmanship experiences that will help our youth develop.

Achieve. Accomplish. Advance.

Your sports journey begins here