The AAU is an organization that coordinates and runs tournaments and leagues.  It does not have “try-outs” or place players on teams.  Our recommendation on the best ways to get involved are to 1) have your son/daughter get a few friends, get a parent volunteer to coach, and create your own team, 2) Contact a local high school coach or community sports person who may know of teams in your area that are being formed, or 3) search on the web for AAU club teams in Utah.

To sign up for a tournament you must have a team. On the AAU home page (utahaau.com), go to Tournament –> Register for a Tournament. Select which tournament you would like to participate in and follow the on screen prompts, including paying your fee. Teams must also submit a roster prior to cming to the tournament by clicking on Rosters on the Utah AAU homepage.

Yes.  An AAU membership card is required for all players and coaches. ( All coaches sitting on the team beach during a game must have an AAU membership). The cards can be purchased on-line. Once every player and coach has their cards, a roster needs to be submitted on-line and sent to the AAU office. The memberships and rosters do not need to be completed in order to register for a tournament, but they do need to be completed 24 hours before any game is played.

A player is allowed to play on more than one team, but only if those teams are in different age divisions.  Players playing on more than one team in the same age division, no matter what bracket each team is in, is prohibited.  Any team/player breaking this rule may have all games played in forfeited.

Registration deadline for every tournament and league will be at 12 p.m. one week prior to the first game being played.  Check website for specific details on a particular tournament.

The schedule will usually be posted on-line 2 to 3 days before the tournament begins.  If you are having trouble viewing the schedule, please try to “refresh” the page before contacting us.

 Yes.  We will do our best to honor a request, but it is not guaranteed.  Please avoid any multiple requests regarding the schedule.

No.  Once the schedule is posted we do not make changes.  There is no such thing as an “easy change”.  The “domino effect” impacting other teams is always greater than what it may seem.

No.  Each team is responsible to find their own gym for practice time.  We do not have access.

Basic uniform ideas.  Each player has a number, preferably front and back.  We also prefer reversible jerseys so that the flexibility of light or dark is always an option.

Yes. Adults – $2, Ages 6-17 $1, Ages 5 and under – free. Fees are used to assist gym rental costs and Utah national tournament qualifiers.

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