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We would like to thank everyone for participating in AAU events.  Our programs offer the best in competition and in quality.  All of those associated with our program are professionals and have a wealth of knowledge in whatever sport they are involved in. In basketball we offer competition for every level of ability, not just the elite teams.  Our facilities are the best in the state of Utah and all of our games are officiated by registered high school officials.  All games are held in high school gyms.  We offer both leagues and tournaments during the year.  We also hold state championships every year, with winners qualifying for national championships.  Teams can participate in either divsion 1 or divsion 2 in all tournaments.  Scott Briggs (801-381-3009) oversees the basketball program in the state.  His wealth of experience helps the AAU in maintaining the best basketball program in the state. We also offer programs in volleyball, track, and wrestling.  Our whole program is based on having young people have a fun, positive experince that will make them better citizens and students.  Sportsmanship will always be a very important part of whatever we do.  Again we appreciate your support and hope you have a postive experince.